The eCOM advantage....

Built For eCOM

The name says it all! eCOM Freight Lines, from the very beginning, was envisioned and built specifically for eCOM companies' ever expanding need for trucking companies who are able to quickly adapt to changes and growth, with minimum On-Time & Success issues.

Technology Based

Meeting the demands and complex logistical issues of the 21st Century requires a company that's built on, and understands technology, and the important role it plays in Logistics, as well as the implementation of new, innovative apps, software, hardware & communication modules.

Fluid Workflows

 eCOM Freight Lines implemented, from the start, several apps, which work in unison to accomplish a fluid workflow process for all; from the Director to the Driver, all are within reach to one another and the appropriate personnel are always involved and in the know in real-time.


The Founders, Owners, Directors, and even the Drivers are experienced in the expectations, level of service, and performance standards of companies like Amazon, Kimberly-Clark, Wayfair and others, which puts eCOM Freight Lines in a very unique position; a position with an advantage; and advantage for all involved! The experience in this industry sector that we bring to the table is second to none when you're talking about eCOM Logistics. We understand and appreciate the importance of On-Time & Successful Tours.

Forward Thinking

We are constantly planning ahead and thinking of all the "What Ifs" and "What Could Happens". The ability to plan, forecast, think ahead and be ahead of the curve is a major key of successful companies. eCOM Freight Lines evolves and adapts, and in some cases will even be ahead when it comes new challenges and new technological advances within the eCOM Logistics Sector.

Solid Foundation & Culture

We all know that any great company is only as good as it's people. eCOM Freight Lines, from the very beginning, was, and will always be committed to it's people. We have built a culture and a professional environment of Teamwork, Service, and Excellence. We are committed to providing the best Logistical & Operational Service Standards in the industry. We have high performance standards for all of our employees and contractors alike. 

Our Partners